» Semi-Hiatus

Um, on a bit more serious note, I’ll be having some sporadic activity while I work out my living situation. Long story short, my parents are really abusive and I’m at my wit’s end.

I desperately need to get out of my house so that my reptiles and I are safe, so while I try and figure out a place where I can stay so I don’t have to live on the streets (which believe me, sounds mighty appealing compared to my current home), the blog might update at really random times or not at all.

I just wanted to give you all a heads up so you don’t worry!

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"Why is this Sylveon pink? That’s weird

Oh my god…it’s normal…”

I’ve seen so many shiny Sylveons I forgot what regular Sylveon looked like.

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Flara: But magic is much more fun than cursing someone.

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The final stream request!


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Another stream request!

Yuna and Kailee!

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Stream request!


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I’ve added a donation button to my sidebar!

Art is a full time job for me, and my goal is to update the blog as much as I can! So, if you like the blog, me, or just want to help me feed myself, feel free to donate! Any amount will help c:

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Ahran: Perhaps we can settle on a trade…

Ahran: If you could assist me in tracking down someone, I may share with you information about us Pyre Ninetales. I myself cannot leave this island…

Ahran: As for why: well, that may come in due time.

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